23 Jun 2013

JMD Yodleur Des Cascades (aka Pencil head) - review

'Pencil head' - first from the fantasy busts I'm gonna review here. Simple yet impressive sculpt, a portrait of an alien beeing, strongly reminding me for some reason of Star Wars.
Of course 'Pencil head' is not an official name, but  Yodleur Des Cascades is a bit of a mouthful for me, and I don't know what does it mean (I'm assuming it's just a name, but who knows). Not to mention that his head kinda looks like a pencil;]

The mini: 

painted by: Alban Berger

Name: Yodleur Des Cascades (aka Pencil head)
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: DW001R
Sculptor: David Waeselnyck
Range: fantasy
Material: resin
Scale: 1:10

The box:  
Not even the box to be honest, just a platic bag with a tag on top. Again... not the best way to protect the mini, but for sure cheap way of packing. If I remember correctly the two other fantasy busts (ghoul and octopus) bought during Euromilitaire 2011 were packed the same way.

In the box:

Quality of the cast:
Bust seems to be very clean and crisp in details. There is only one visible mouldline, on the back, next to the lacing. This unfortunate location makes it a bit tricky to remove, so at this point I'm thinking about adding  some putty (Liquid Green Stuff I guess) to fill the recess, rather than removing the mouldline. Hopefuly this way I'll be able to level the hat withoug risking damaging delicate details.
Except of that there are two other places that will require some work. Adam's apple, where you can see a bit of thin resin residue, which may need some smoothing of  the surface ater removing extra resin. The other one is a place where his right cheek joins the hat. As you can see there are some resin blobs there. It's bugging me a bit, even though it shoudn't be to visible after painting. I'm gonna try to remove it with the knife, so I can put my mind at ease here.

Yet another beautiful bust. Again full of character, but thanks to the slender shape rather unique. All that combined with overall qood quality of the cast, makes me confident, that it will be fun to work with.
The only downside is a packaging, which I guess could be a bit better. But on the other hand, as you can see, there is nothing that could be easily broken here.

Where to buy:
JMD miniatures

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