13 Jun 2013

Einstein - Team(w)Orc Guy

Today I did some more work on Einstein. I focused on everything except skin and shirt (which leaves us only the apron and googles;p) Leather elements are more or less finished, but the googles need some more work, mostly tidying up the weathering and redoing lenses. I'm pretty sure I'll have to change their colour, now they look way too similar to the oxidation.
At this point skin is basically only airbrushed, I did touch it with a brush but just a little. I painted his eyes and the skin around them, but it's still far from being ready.

As for the shirt I'm thinking some sort of doctor's coat, most probably white, or with delicate stripes (a bow to the Einstein's steampunk vibe) and Einstein's name on the back (a bow to his orcish nature). To make it a bit more interesting I decided to add a patch where I'll paint his name. I must confess, sculpting even such an easy thing on a half painted miniature was rather stupid. Especially when my sculpting skills are almost non existing. Luckily for me I didn't destroy the whole bust, but I still need to do some clean up work there when the patch will dry. If it doesn't help, I think I'll have to paint it leather to cover imperfections;]

Anyway so far I'm rather happy how he's turning out.
And what do you think?




  1. I love the lenses (or are they goggles)!

  2. Does it really make sense to do the lenses and patina turquoise? (My answer is maybe).

  3. My answer is 'rather not'. I'll repaint it later, probably red or orange go bring back some life like colours into the bust;]