13 Apr 2014

Capt'n Sapo finished

I know I didn't even post any  WIP photos of this bust here, but at least I got some photos of the finished project.
The bust comes from a nice range of Figone miniatuers, and recently was a subject of a competition called 'The Sapo Challenge' held by the creators of this little beauty. The comp is closed now, but if you're inerested, you can find all the details and other participants here.

I'm really happy how it turned out. I know of course it could be painted better, with higher contrast or whatever, but I had a chance to work on a different type of textures here, and as always, I learned a lot.



21 Mar 2014

Few announcements for the next month or so.

Just a short post to highlight some of the events that's gonna take place in London in next few weeks.
I'm hoping to attend all of them;]

1. London PB Meetup, Dark Sphere
March 23rd, 2014

I know it's the last minute notice, but maybe someone will have a free afternoon.
As previously, we meet around noon and paint/chat til 5-6ish (plus some nice lunch somewhere around).
The address is:
Dark Sphere
Arch 186 Hercules Road

2. Welling Modell Club 40th Anniversary, Welling, Kent
April 5th, 2014

As you can see there is a big anniversary coming for the folks from the WMC, so it would be nice to be there to celebrate with them:)

3. Salute, ExCeL London
April 12th, 2014

You can check all the details here.

4. BMSS Nationals Annual Show,  Holiday Inn, Coram Street, London
April 26th, 2014

Really friendly show in the center of London.  If you never heard of this, maybe this year is time to check it out. More info on their website.



18 Jan 2014

Slight progress on Mr Leo

I made some progress on one of the busts I started recently.
Actually I did some more work on other pieces as well, but they're not yet ready to be shown to public.

Anyway, here he is, Mr Leo, a beautiful bust from Yedharo models (the bigger one).
To be  honest with you, I picked up this bust first, because it looked easy and simple to paint. And I was hoping to finish it quickly, to warm myself up, and move to other projects. But now I know that it's not gonna be so easy. The further I am in painting this little buddy, the more details I discover;]

At this point the finished parts are: leather shoulderpad, the strap on the front, belt bucle, and the sword (without the golden thing at the top of the hilt). Face and the rest of the body still needs a lot of work, but the toughest task is the hair. It is beautifuly sculpted, full of detail and textures, but painting it believable will be a trick. And even if the hair around his face are fairly easy, the back of the head is completely different story.



16 Jan 2014

Another London PB meetup

Finally, after long months, we'll meet again.
On the 16th of Feburary 2014, as always third Sunday of the month, in Dark Sphere.

If you feel like joining us, feel free to come by.
The whole thing will start around noon and will last till 5-6pm.
We'll be painting and chatting so if you feel like bringing your paints and miniatures that will be great, if not, we can still chat about the hobby and other stuff.

Just notice please, that Dark Sphere has moved. 
And the new address is:
Dark Sphere
Arch 186 Hercules Road

Tel: 020 7928 1373

As you can see from the map, it's not far from the previous venue, and looks like a walking distance from Waterloo station.

See you soon


12 Jan 2014

Detolf finally pimped (even if only slightly)

Finally, after many months of thinking about it (and complaining how far the Ikea is, and how inconvenient it was to order it online, you know... so many clicks and stuff;p), I managed to get the lighting for my miniature cabinet. Of course I had to buy few more things 'by the way', i.e. sofa;], but right now I can proudly announce, that I do have some light to shine upon my precious minis.

I know, I know... it's not a major improvement, but I'm happy anyway. And it not only gives some light for my minis, but also adds nice ambient light, so it's win win for me:D



9 Jan 2014

Back from the 'dead'. Hopefully for good this time.

After months without the brush I finally felt like I'm ready to go back and paint with pleasure and some consistency. Well almost without the brush, I tried to paint from time to time, but it wasn't very successful. So right now after a few days with painting I really hope the 'dry spell' is over and I'll be creative again.

Because I'm not really a fan of preping miniatures, you know cleaning them, assembling, priming... Especially priming. I use Mr. Surfacer 1200, which smells really nice, but still is not the healthiest thing to inhale, so I need to use a mask and all that stuff, and it takes time... you know.
Well anyway, I decided to prepare bunch of miniatures, prime them at one go and be over with it for a while. Below you can see the minis I chose to be painted next. As you can see, mostly busts and bigger scale. I'm not quite sure if I knew what to do with 28mm mini right now:D

At this point, the minis are all primed and 'preshaded'. Because I use light gray primer, I couldn't just use white paint from the top to mimic zenithal lighting, it wouldn't be wisible enough. So first I applied a fairly diluted, dark gray paint from the bottom (+/- 45 degree), and then again diluted white from the top (+/- 45 degree). Thanks to that I can see much better lights and shadows on my miniatures, which should help me to build the volumes. The darker and brighter areas will also look a bit different when covered with paint, wihich is an additional help to the contrast.

And here the last step of my work with airbrush. Of course if I had all colour schemes planned out already I could do much more, but I'm still hesitating, so I did only flesh parts. Here again I applied first lights and shadows, but rest of the job will be done with the brush.



27 Oct 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

Ehh it's been a quiet month. Hobby wise even a dead month...
I did absolutely nothing.

I tried to paint but I couldn't find my mojo, so I decided I need a break. So for now my brushes and paints are simply waiting for better times, slowly covering in dust and spiderwebs in the meantime.

I had a plan to go to two competitons and I failed misserably here as well.
First one, Hussar, was in Warsaw. Not to close to where I live, but I really wanted to go, seriously. I even managed to fly to Poland, but at the time I was leaving the plane in Swidnik (my hometown) I had a massive cough, runny nose and high fever (all thanks to the awesome plain's aircon and sick people inside). So instead to go to Warsaw, I went straight to bed, and stayed there all 4 days of my visit. Trust me it wasn't fun at all. Even my mum's awesome chicken soup didn't make it much better.

The second competiton was yesterday in Gravesent, basically like half an hour from my place. I was really looking forward to this one, but with the sickness not fully out of my system I decided against it. Cozy bed was way too tempting this time.

I trully hope that this autumn's mood will change soon, and I'll be able to paint again...