24 Mar 2015

Back to basics

Today I'd like to share with you something special. Well at least special for me.
This month I statred a series of articles about basic things in our hobby: preparing miniatures for paint, priming, basic techniques and such. Apparently there is a lot of people asking about such basic things we all assume everyone knows. So if any of you finds the subject interesting, please let me know what would you like to read about, ask questions if you have any. I'll do my best to cover all interesting topics and after every part, will have a small Q&A about previous one. Of course if we'll get any Q to give them an A:)

First article is about preparing miniatures for paint, cleaning them, fixing issues, removing mould lines. Next one will cover priming. I hope you'll enjoy the whole serie, and even if you're not beginners in our hobby, you'll find some interesting things.


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