27 Jun 2013

JMD Octopus - review

Today I'm gonna show you another bust, beautiful Octopus. I  can't really decide if it's a he or a she, but eitherway it's one of my favourites minis.

The mini:
painted by: Alban Berger

Name: Octopus
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: VDB007R
Sculptor: Romain Van Den Bogaert
Range: fantasy
Material: resin
Scale: 1:10

The box:

This bust also came in a plastic bag with a tag on top. This time it was a bit more risky, as the bust has some rather thin tentacles. But hopefully, in a parcel sent via post, it would be protected by some bubblewrap.

In the box: 

Quality of the cast:
The level of detailing is excelent here. All the little wrinkles and texturing of the skin is really amazing. But as you can see on the photos, there are some flaws. They're not hard to remove, but you need to be prepared to some cleaning.
Some little blobs of resin where tentacles are touching the skin, little mouldline on the left shoulder under the tentacle. And of course the big one... the mess on his neck at the back. It's gonna be mostly hidden under a tentacle, but still some work needs to be done to make sure it doesn't show after assembly.

With a little bit of practice with driling and operating in tight spaces it should not be a problem. Tentacles are thin, but not too much, there is still place to drill a nice holes for pins and make sure that everything is securely fixed together. Just make sure that the joining line is not visible.

I must say I'm a big fan of this bust. Not perfect, but absolutely cute and the face... it's simply suberb.
Here you can see what I've done so far on him.

Where to buy:
JMD miniatures

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