24 Jun 2013

JMD Demon - review

Mighty demon... for me personally the best mini JMD released. One of the best minis there are.
Kinda reminds me of Diablo, and probably that was the sculptor's intention.

The mini:

painted by: Jéremie Bonamant Teboul

Name: Demon
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: JAG001R
Sculptor: Jacques Alexandre Gillois
Range: fantasy
Material: resin
Scale: (1:35) 54mm

The box:

Now, that looks much better you must admit. Proper, stiff cartboard box, with a nice photo on the top.
But this particular mini was bought by me almost two years ago, so I have no idea now it looks now.

In the box:

Quality of the cast:
For such a complicated miniature, the quality of the cast is great. Crisp details, nice surface and what's most important, amazing texture on the whole mini.
There are some flaws, some delicate mouldlines, but all that can be easily removed and if you add a little extra effort to restore texture around the fixed area, it will be invisible.

I did most of the assembly over a year ago, and I don't remember any tricky parts. You just need to remember to mask the joining lines with the surrounding texture.
To be fair the only question you need to ask is, if you want to paint it completely assembled or in few bigger pieces. It is important, because his left hand is very close to the knee, and it might be tricky to operate there with a brush.  I guess I'm gonna do that as whole, if I'll find a courage to finally paint this demon.
Below you can see how the mini looks at the moment, after initial priming, but before final fixes around joining lines.

I'm not objective here, that's for sure. For me, this demon is one of the most beautiful miniatures ever.
I guess that's the best summary I can give you.

Where to buy:
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  1. Now that JMD goes out of business, I just ordered a few busts and this Demon :) It will be piled on top of the other 4200+ miniatures I still need to paint ;)