20 Jun 2013

JMD week (or maybe even a little more)

I guess everyone heard already, that JMD Miniatures is closing with the end of August. It is a very sad news indeed, but also can be treated as a great excuse to buy some of their beautiful models. At least for me it was a good reason to do some long overdue shopping. I was delaying this for quite a while, thinking that it's still time, that I still have a while to upgrade my skills. And of course, it's hard to deny that my massive 'grey army', or like as I call it 'Mountain of Resin and Lead', had something to do with that delay.
But now , facing the closure of the company, I had no other choice than to make a purchase.
I decided to go not only for fantasy classics like the Persian Assassin, or Pencil Head, but also for some historical pieces. In fact 2/3 of my order are historical miniatures, most probably less known to the wargaming crowd. So I thought  maybe I could review all of my JMD minis here, just in case someone is considering making an order (there is still a while to do that).

Because the time is very limited here, over the next weak or two, you can expect one review a day, alongside some updates on my painting. For starters I'd like to remind you a review I did a while ago on one of my first JMD minis: Succubus

Where to buy:
If you like you can buy these miniatures directly from the JMD website, but I got mine almost exclusively from Steve Kirtley, who runs an online shop SKminiatuers. Mostly because I don't really speak any french, and I do preffer more personal contact.

Review list:
Medieval bust
Sikh bust 
Yodleur Des Cascades (aka Pencil head)



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