26 Jun 2013

JMD Persian Assassin - review

Short review of an iconic piece: Persian Assassin.

The mini:

painted by: Remy Tremblay

Name: Persian Assassin
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: RT001R
Sculptor: Remy Tremblay
Range: fantasy
Material: resin
Scale: (1:35) 54mm

The box:

I am fully aware that the box on the photo doesn't belong to the mini I'm talking here, but all of them are exactly the same. Plastic box with the mini in a plastic bag, and smaller bag for smaller parts. Not the most secure packaging, I know. But luckily for me all ordered miniatures arrived undamaged.
On the other hand it might be the packaging provided by the middle man.

In the box:

Quality of the cast:
What can I say... It's not perfect. And for some reason I wqas expecting more from this mini.
Delicate, but still visible moudlines on his legs, and arms may be tricky to remove. Damaged/moved detail on his sword will most probably end up gone completely, and I can only hope that the inner side of his right arm will be invisible after glueing the piece together.
Other thing that worries me here are these extemally thin parts of his robe. They're integral parts of this mini's charm, but it may be a problem to clean them and glue in place.

Luckily for me, the face and other crucial parts of the mini are nicely casted. Surfaces are smooth and if I'll be able to fix the aformentioned issues and glue it together without breaking anything it should be pleasure to paint.

As you can see mini consists thin and fragile parts. Only for that reason it's gonna be a difficult task  demandind steady hands.
And I'm not quite sure If I should paint it fully assembled or in parts...

I must say, I was slightly dissapointed when I checked my copy of this pretty iconic miniature. Still full of charm, and rich oriental feel, but the cast could be better.
Of course  it doesn't mean I'm not gonna paint it, or enjoying doing it. But I just feel that JMD accustomed me to  better quality, and this one feels a bit like a downfall

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