22 Jun 2013

JMD Sikh bust 1914 - review

Another beautiful bust from historical range of JMD miniatures. 
This one represents a Sikh from the time of IWW, a member of the Sikh regiment of the British Indian Army. 

The mini: 

Painted by: Daniel Ipperti

Name: Sikh 1914
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: JMD028R
Sculptor: Jean-Marie Daniel
Range: historical

Material: Resin
Scale: 1:12

The box:

Like other JMD miniatures from the last order, this bust came in plastic box secured only with plastic bag, without any foam or other protection. But again, in this case there is nothing important that could break in the transport.
Most definitely not the best way to pack a mini, but lucky for me, nothing bad happened.

In the box:

Quality of the cast:
It ain't perfect, that's for sure. The bust  has nice smooth surfaces and crisp details, which will make it a pleasure to paint, but there are some things I need to fix frist, before I can actually start painting.
So there are: big chunks of resin (remnants after the resin's supply chanels) on turban and below right shoulder, visible mouldlines on the turban and back of the shoulders, two air bubbles, one big on the turban and the second, much smaller on the right epoulet, some extra resin on the separate sachet. It all requires some work, but shouldn't be hard to get rid of. The thing that worries me more though is the extra resin on his right cheek and beard.

I hope that with some care, patience and x-acto knife, I'll be able to remove it without leaving any traces. Good thing is that  the eye is unaffected, so even if I'll have to fill some gaps, it shouldn't be too hard for me.

For what I can tell, it easy, really easy. Parts fit together nicely, in fact all the photos above were done with just a little help of bluetac. All the pins made by the producer fit really well with the corresponding holes and thanks to the square shape, make sure  that all parts are positioned in optimal way.
The detachable base is a nice touch, as not everyone likes to mount a bust this way. And if you preffer to use just a black/metal rod to secure you bust to the plinth, it saves you the trouble of cutting it away.

What can I say... I still love this bust, despite the imperfections.
And I hope they won't discourage you from buying this beautiful sculpt. At this point I believe that the issues on this particular piece are cast related, and your copy might be absolutely flawless.

Where to buy:
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  2. Thx for the advertisement and kind words:D
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