30 Sep 2012

Talrashi - back to 'tiny' scale

With Grinder and Templar back on the WIP bench, I need to get back to 28mm scale for a while.
At this point I'm planning two 'tiny' projects, Talrashi from Red Box Games and Isabela from McVey's. 

On the photos below, first colour on girl's dress and 'family' photo with bigger uncle;]

Talrashi is a very very early WIP so far, so there is not much to say really. I just hope I still rememeber what to do with such a tiny minitatures;p
To be fair, size makes a difference;p




  1. Red Box certainly make some beautiful sculpts. I got their fat friar character and he was lots of fun to paint.

  2. True to that
    That's my third RBG mini so far, and there 2 more waiting:)

    1. Get painting then! I love your style and want to see your take on them!