26 Sep 2012

Euro Militaire 2012 - Shopping

Shopping wise it was a really good weekend, trust me.
So many nice stands with lots and lots of awesome models and accessories... All Vendors so nice and friendly:) Everything shiny and tempting:D

First group photo, ofc with Inspector Bombel:

You know, this cat is a big one (almost a stone). So taking that into consideration, the loot looks even more impressive;]

And because not everything is clearly visible on the photo, and because I'm still extremely excited about my new treasures, here is the list with official photos:

1. Landsknecht Soldier (Pegaso Models, 90mm)

(c) Pegaso Models
Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Painter: Diego Ruina

2. Iroquois 1760, or as I like to call him: pi**ed off Indian (Pegaso Models, 75mm)

(c) Pegaso Models
Sculptor: Andrea Jula 
Painter: Franco Mocci

3. Francois L'Olonnais (Pegaso Models, 75mm)

(c) Pegaso Models
Sculptor: Maurizio Bruno 
Painter: Danilo Cartacci

4. Port Royale (Andrea Miniatures, 54mm)

 (c) Andrea Miniatures

5. Norse Lord 800 A.D. (Andrea Miniatures, 54mm)

 (c) Andrea Miniatures

6. Brock the Wanderer (Scale 75, 75mm?)

(c) Scale 75
Sculptor: Joaquin Palacios
Painter: Alex Varela

7. Apache Lipan (La Meridiana, 200mm)

(c) La Meridiana Miniatures
Sculptor: Carles Vaquero
Painter: Danilo Cartacci

8. French Courtesan (El Viejo Dragon Miniatures, 1:10)

(c) El Viejo Dragon Miniatures
Sculptor: JR Arredondo
Painter: Pepa Saavedra

9. Gem Smith (War Griffon Miniatures, 1:10)

(c) War Griffon Miniatures
Sculptor: Raul Fernandez Romo
Painter: Adrian Hopwood

10. Leo Bust (Yedharo Models, 1:10)
(c) Yedharo Models
Sculptor: Fausto Gutierrez

12. Animal set (Mantis Miniatures, 1:35)
(c) Mantis Miniatures

12. Few bits and pieces : airbrush holder, a plinth (so called einzelstucke;p), set of sanding cloths,  few pigments.
I do believe it's all...
I think I should be done with buying new minis till Xmas;] Or maybe,  if I'm really lucky, till Salute next April;p




  1. Hola
    Una buena compra,que suerte de haber estado en el concurso.
    un saludo

  2. Hey Marta :) Sorry, could not send you a direct message somehow... You have won the 200th subscriber giveaway on my blog :) Congratulations!
    Please contact me so I can send you your prize ;)

  3. Hi Marta.....What do you think of the Lameridiana apache bust.Quality and such.Any open box pics?......Regards.........Wayne

    1. the quality is not bad. Body is almost perfect, and only feathers require some work but it's easy to understand. The biggest problem I think will be finding where which feather should be placed:D