6 Sep 2012

The Grinder - little update

Still lots to do, mostly skin (and eyebrows!!), but I guess I can see the end here;]

Leather elements and that fabric around his hair are finished.
Hair itself and metal elements need some final definition. Other than that, only skin left.
At this point I must say I'm particularly happy with the look of the cloth (some close-ups below). That was the first time I was trying to mimic this kind of texture.
And what do you think? Does it look real or not really?





  1. Hola
    El buesto en el que estas trabajando te esta quedando muy cuapo,en especial para my gusto el trato con los cuerros,muy guapos y reales como si estubieran muy curtidos.La piel tambien te esta quedando muy bien,a un que a titulo personal muy clasica para un busto de fantasia,pero este punto es para gustos JAJAJA.
    Tienes un blog con muy buenas figuras,estare a tento al desarollo del busto.
    un saludo

  2. Thx:D
    Sadly I don't speak spanish, but I'm gonna assume, that what you said was nice:D

  3. Hello
    The bust in which you are working is lagging far cuapo, especially for my taste cuerros dealing with, very handsome and very real as if you were also curtidos.La skin leaving you this very well, a very personal capacity that classic for a fantasy bust, but this point is to taste LOL.
    Do you have a blog with very good figures, I'll be tempted to bust development.
    a greeting

    lol, I think if you have good hands and good taste to choose the busts.
    GOOGLE is your translation sorry.
    a greeting.

  4. you see, a nice thing:)
    Thanks again:)