11 Sep 2012

The Grinder - almost there

Ok, Grinder is almost ready.
I had to attach him to the plinth so I could glue swords in place and work with the skin knowing exactly what will be visible.
I still need to fix some issues on the skin, but other than that I can't see any other areas that need to be corrected. Ofc it might be because I lost my objectivity here;]
If you can see any other problems than the skin, please let me know.

Photos are rather mediocre, I know. But I was in a hurry, and they're not final ones so you know...




  1. Really like that. I have this bust to do so have been watching with interest. As for the skin, I feel another highlight would work well, not a skin shade highlight but a skin surface colour highlight (basically the sheen on the surface of the skin, not the skintone itself).

  2. This turned out really well, I especially like the skintones.

  3. HelloSeems to me like you already comment a magnificent bust, but a personal capacity the scarification of the arm would stop qu more light, by the type of scar that is, but I tell you to title personnel, which I think is a magnificent bust and very well combined all the tones.Sorry if the translation is not very good is the Bing translatorGREETINGS FROM SPAIN

  4. Yeah, I'm still working on the skin, so hopefully it will look better when I'll finish with it.