9 Sep 2012

Euro Militaire - social announcement;p

Ok guys:D Euro Militaire in less than 2 weeks now! Time for panick, at least for me!!

So who will be attending the show this year? Who will I have a chance to meet? Hopefully it's gonna be lot's of us and this year will be even better show than 2011;]

And if you don't know me, but you want to say hello, just look for overly excited dark haired chick, trying to buy everything. That's gonna be me:P

see you soon:D



  1. Hey Marta!

    Tracy and I will be there again this year - will be good to catch up :)

  2. That's great:D
    See you there then:D

  3. Unfortunately it is very far from me. But my figure will be there. Zombi knight bust from Tartar Miniatures. I hope you will see it there.

  4. I'll check it out for sure:D