20 Sep 2012

Pegasus Project - little disaster in the process

Today I decided that it's the time to glue my Templar to the base, before adding mud, sweat and blood. But suddenly it turned out the cloak doesn't fit. And that was a surprise I must say. I did  try if it's fitting before glueing miniature together, but you know, it's rather hard to check it exactly if you have few heavy pieces in your hands.
So basically I had to file quite big chunks of the cloak and base, to make it happen. Not a funny thing to do, especially if the miniature is fully painted and only two days left for the competition;/
But I did it finally, and I lost only half of the day...
Anyway, that's how it looks now. Arrows, dirt and blood are still missing, but it will be there before Saturday's morning:D




  1. Beautyful work Marta!!!

    This kind of thinks happens a lot, i dont know wath happens, we can check take mesures but in the end we always have to make some ajustment.

    Tha painting is superb, the withe tones are amazing!!!!

    Wath collors did you use?

    Cheers from Brasil

  2. Colours I used:
    Offwhite (VMC)
    'Jack Bone (P3)
    Graveyard Earth (GW)
    Black Grey (VMC)
    and I guess some Devlan Mud (GW) on the top in the deepest receses.


  3. Thanks for the mix!!!!

    You will bee in the Soldat de Plom in Girona?

    Cheers from Brasil

  4. I'm sorry Fabricio, somehow I managed to miss your last comment.
    I'm affraid I won't be able to make it to Girona this year, but I'll live a note in my calendar for next year.
    But I'll be happy to see some photos from the show:)