1 Oct 2012

Euro Militaire - reports

I still didn't get round to processing my photos from Euro Militaire. It's not my favourite part of the event:D
Besides I spend most of the time shopping, socialising, tormenting judges and taking care of my extremely bored 'significant half', so I simply didn't take too many pictures in the first place. But I promise, I'm gonna post them at some point, because I'd like to discuss one thing with you by the way.

But for now I'm simply gonna post here links to the galleries I found in the Internet. I hope authors won't mind me doing that, it's some sort of publicity after all.

Les Chevaliers du Centaure

Megazord_man's photobucket

Rafa Coll blog (check out more of his posts, lots of pictures there)

I found another report on Volomir's Blog




  1. Well done for your medals at Euro Marta, you are a very fine modeller and I am sure your work deserves a lot of medals, I just noticed that your blog is stated in Gr, are you Greek?
    Regards, Christos Panagiotopoulos

  2. Also congratulations. Someone deserves success because makes great things. Someone because shares with others about what he can do. You definitely for both. By the way... you're from Poland, aren't you?

  3. Replies
    1. btw: I have not received your email message - I just verified it again ;) Please drop me a line at zaphod >>at<< beeblebrox <> de. I have a little pirate waiting for you here ;)

  4. Sorry guys but I didn't win anything this time:(
    maybe next year:P