2 Oct 2012

Brock the Wanderer - review

I was going to try new formula 'Inbox: more pictures - less words' here, but I'm affraid the miniature I'm going to describe this time, begs for proper review. So here it goes:

One of my newest purchases (full set here): Brock the Wanderer from Scale 75, Scale World Fantasy range.
Product code: SCF-005.
The company name is Scale 75, so I'm gonna assume for now that he's 75mm tall. I'll check it with the ruler after assembly.
The miniature is multipart and casted fully in white metal.

The box:

Miniature is secured by two boxes, one external, more delicate, with the boxart and some marketing informations, and second, hard and plain. Inside the second box we can find two layers of thick foam and lots of pieces.

What's inside the box: 

As you can see the mini is divided into quite a lot of parts. There are:
2 different heads, one with helmet the other one with a ponytail (separate)
2 legs,
Arm with the axe,
Arm with the hammer,
Sword in a sheath to be attached on the back,
Some sort of shoulder strap (brassard maybe??),
Back side of the cloth covering his private parts,
Base (which is kinda dull and unatractive, so I rather won't be using it).

And that's how the pieces look in close up:

As you can see there is a lot of flesh(?) and few mold lines, but it should be rather easy to get rid of.
Some of the parts have less smooth surface than others (i.e. torso or legs) but the pieces are quite big so cleaning it also shouldn't be a big deal. Some time with steel wool and sanding clothes should do the trick. The only thing that worries me is the way some parts are attached to the sprues:

I don't really understand why it has to be in the middle of hair or fur.  Was there no other places for it?
It's gonna be pain for me to restore facture there. Of course for many of you it might not even be a problem, but for me it is, I hate preparing miniatures. I can see few stressful hours spent on getting this little badboy ready for primer. Mr Bombel may even learn few new swearwords in the process:)

Parts seem to fit together nicely, I can't find any trouble spots at the moment. But after my experiences with Pegaso's Templar I'll be able to say it for sure after gluing the whole thing together. For now it's just an assumpiton.

Overall opinion:
Hard to say, really.
I really like the concept.
I like the packaging.
I'm even happy with the overall quality of the cast...
But I'm strongly dissapointed with the way head  and few other elements are attached to the sprues. Like I said, for some of you it might not even be a problem, but for me it is, and it brings down my joy of having this miniature.
This is my first Scale 75 miniature, so I have no idea if that's common thing with them or not, but I'll probably think twice before buying next one online without checking some reviews first. Which is very unfortunate, because I like quite a few minis from their range.




  1. Great review, thanks :)
    I really like this Diablo III style barb, although I would probably give him some lvl 60 equipment :D

  2. Hola
    Muy buena revision GRACIAS
    Sobre lo de los bebederos estoi con tigo son un peñasco y estropean la figura,aparte de que cuestan quitarlos.
    un saludo