5 Oct 2012

Painting with my off-hand? Not the best idea;p

Recently I'm not feeling too well. My right arm and part of my back hurt really bad, and I do feel old and crippled:( It's bad enough that I'm unable to paint to my standard. I can splash my mini with paint but it's not exactly the same as proper painting. For a while I was considering using my left hand (I'm more or less bimanual) but then I realized I already tried that during one of the PB Cambridge meet ups...
And it didn't went too good. Proof beneath:

Yes, I know, it was speed painting, and we had only an hour, and it was my first time... But I don't think I can get good at it soon enough;p
And because painting is suspended for a while, until my arm gets better, so I will focus here on reviews and other articles:D I hope my condition will improve soon and you won't get bored with reviewing miniatures.



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