9 Sep 2013

Who doesn't like gifts?

Like the title says... who doesn't like gifts?? Most certainly not me;] I love receiving them, especially if they're unexpected. And today I received one:D

2 lovely parcels from Painting Buddha, containing:
  • DVD set (containing 6 DVDs, some leaflets, few badges, and even fridge magnet),
  • T-shirt (my size:P),
  • Angron (signed by Simon Egan),
  • another metal box with 'Brad & Yanet'
I completely forgot about the giveaway I won on masterminis a while ago, so the parcels were a really nice surpise for me. And I must say... it made my day:)

Below you can see what was inside the big box, and of course you can expect proper review really soon. I just need to watch the DVD first, as I need to know what exactly I'm reviewing:D


  1. Three things made me happy:
    1. I only found one picture of you and guestimated your T-Shirt size - didn't want to spoil the surprise ^^
    2. I finally got you your Angron! Congratz again on winning it and thanks for being one of the longest time followers of our blog.
    3. You posted this at 18:42 - in true style! :D

    I am looking forward to your review ^^

    1. Thx again:D
      And I'm happy that we'll have a chance to meet in flesh prety soon:D