19 Sep 2013

Mines of Knowledge

I know I rarely write about something else than my painting here. It's mostly due to the fact, that I treat this blog kinda like a diary of my 'struggle' with the matter. But I do know, and appreciate that we are not alone with our passions (even if painting is pretty solitary activity). We are actually creating  really rich, nourishing, and what's most important, very friendly environment, where we can develop our skills and creativity. There is so many very gifted and generous people, who share their passion, and knowledge with the rest of the group. I'm personally extremely grateful to each and every of them. I wouldn't be who I am today, as a painter, but also as a person, if not for them.

But it is very difficult to keep track of everything that is happening in our hobby. Even with all the help of social media, we have on our disposal, it is next to impossible, to be up to date with all the new wonderful paint jobs, new releases and articles being published. At least I know, I couldn't do that.

But there is someone who can. Or rather I should say, they are...
People running those two blogs, are my heroes, when it comes to the 'sharing spirit' of our community. Not only do they paint, but they also find time, and good will, to prepare for the rest of us every week, a very condensed capsule of news from our not so little hobby world.

Of course it is impossible to include everything (or for that matter, even know about everything that's happening in our hobby) but the news are really versatile, and everyone can find something interesting there. And of course, they are run by completely different people, and the choice of news in both is different.  So it's worth to check out both of them, to get better coverage.

1. War in miniature
This blog is bilingual, written in Polish and English. So no one will have any trouble finding interesting news from their corner of the hobby. (edit:) News are published every second Sunday.

2. Quidamcorvus blog
Even though this blog is only in Polish, there is no reason to skip it, if you don't speak the language. Just ask the Google Translator what the every subtitle means and simply check out the links to galleries, tutorials, or new releases. I bet you won't be disappointed.
Once again, news are published once a week, Sunday or Monday.

And if you'll visit their blogs, and find there something interesting (as I'm sure you will), say hello to the boys/leave a feedback, so they know their hard work is appreciated.




  1. Thanks Marta for Your note. Just one small correction - news on my site - Miniwojna - are published biweekly, on Sunday. I know that the title of the series - Chosen from the week - is a little misleading... This is a relic of early notes, they were published weekly then...

  2. Wielkie dzięki za polecenie mojego bloga :)