23 Sep 2013

Next stop - Hussar!

With EuroMilitaire behind me (photos will be sorted out tomorrow), I'm already thinking where to go next. And it looks like the next stop will be Warsaw, and 4th edition of painting competition called Hussar. Well it was called Slayer of Demons at the very beginning, but even if the name changed, the people behind the event are the same, so I just count it as one event.

It's gonna be my second time, as I was there in 2011. One of my entries did pretty well back then, so I'm really hoping I won't embarrass myself this time... Which may proove difficult, as the competition there is really fierce. As far as I know all the top Polish painters are expected to be there (maybe the group is not massive, but very very talented and skilled) plus some from abroad, so we can expect many excellent entries, and as I said, tough battle for trophies.

The show is on 19th of October 2013, as part of the “Weekend with fantasy” held in the Community Centre Rakowiec – 8 Wiślicka St., Warsaw, Poland.
Here you can find all the necessary informations about the competition itself, categories, rules, and planned attractions (i.e. workshop with Karol Rudyk, speedpainting comp). And of course galleries and reports from previous years.
So if you have a free weekend, and would like to try something new, don't be affraid and just give it go:D

And there is one more massive attraction.... the after party. And not just some after party, but a party held in a little cafe in the same building, the cafe that still keeps the feel of the 80's in Poland... A true treat for the connoisseur;] As I'm old enough to remember that time (sadly), I just felt there like a child again.

As for me, I need to start planning my entries, and I need to do it really fast;] Less than a month left...



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