11 Sep 2013

El Markes - finished piece

After long months of pain and sorrow, and some swearing, I managed to finish Mr Markes.
It's hard to believe but he was almost ready for few months now, I simply couldn't bring myself to finish him and put on the shelf. Mostly due to his weirdly sculpted chest... and hair...
I seriously doubt I'd like to paint another one. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy any other of their busts or miniatures online.
But anyway, El Markes is finished:D And I'm quite happy with some of elements of this paint job. Especially the hat and freehand on it.
And what do you think about Mr Markes? Do you like it at all?




  1. I have this model, can feel your pain on it.. but you did a fantastic job on it! Love the bright colors opposite from what was seen on the boxart! Great freehand, and nice leather work! Top shelf work, thanks for sharing!

  2. I think he's adorable and quirky! Good job.