23 Jun 2012

Bombel the Inspector and new desk setup

For ages I was complaining that my desk is not big enough for all my painting related stuff. That I have to stash it in various boxes and crates, and then nothing is at hand when needed.
But unfortunately we live in rather small flat, without too much hope for a change at the moment, so there is no space for another desk just for a painting station.
Finally I decided to buy at least a shelf to keep some stuff closer. And that's the result (of course some rearrangements on the shelfs will happen in the process):

As you can see Bombel the Inspector is rather pleased  with the new arrangements and claims the bottom shelf for himself. I must say, I was hoping that he can squeeze his furry ass in half of the shelf, maybe even 1/3... but it was vain hope as as presented above.




  1. Nice! It won't last though lol (oh how I hate writing 'lol').
    May cat Theodore is currently stealing my painting chair,and if removed sneaks back when I take a break!

  2. What won't last? That shelf or Bombel interest in a new sleeping spot?

  3. Both! You might be different? When I tidy up and organize my painting desk it stays tidy for about a week.
    As for the cat? Well mine changes his sleeping spots on his own fantastical whimsey,as I write this he is in my lap; perhaps Bombel is not so nefarious?

  4. Oh I'm sure the tidiness on the shelf won't last:D But as long shelf itself will stay stable and won't fall apart I'm good with that;]

  5. At least your cat is on the shelf, mine loves my palette and is always walking through my palette and spreading colours over my desk and sometimes minis.

    She also loves to drink my dirty paint water but refuses clean water every time.