28 Jun 2012

The Grinder - forgoten photos

I just realized that I totally forgot about posting these photos here.
You may know them from CofC or PB forums, but I guess they should be also shown on my personal blog, don't you think??:).

They were taken good few weeks ago but tbh they show how Mr Grinder looks at the moment (I guess I should finish him at some point).
I was working mostly with the leathers here, and I can say they're almost finished. I may need to change it a bit when the skin is ready, but rather not too much, because I'm happy how they turned out.
Paints used for the leathers are mostly oils (on the acrylic base ofc) but I guess I could use some acrylics to do the damaged parts.
Maybe at some point I'll do a short tutorial to show you the way I paint leathers.

And here are few close-ups:



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