16 Jun 2012

Pegasus Project

Yesterday my second Pegaso mini arrived, so of course I had to start preparing it.
And because I didn't want my Teutonic Knight to feel lonely on the table I decided that Viking Chief will keep him company. You know, Pegaso fellas should keep together:P

I thought I could call it Pegasus Project (not very original, I know).

Here are the minis I'm working on:

Viking Chief:
(c) Pegaso Models,
sculptor: Andrea Jula,
painter: Diego Ruina

And Templar Knight from XII century:
(c) Pegaso Models,
sculptor: Andrea Jula,
painter: Danilo Cartacci

And that's what I could achieve so far...
Impressive pile of metal, isn't it?

And few more close-ups (shields mostly):

At this point I have no idea how to deal with it further. Should I glue everything I can together and paint? Or maybe paint in parts and glue it later?
Never faced such complicated minis like these.
Anyone has any ideas, or maybe painted one of them already?



1 comment:

  1. That is two way thing really. If you glue it whole some spots are going to be hard to paint. You can also think this to ease up since some spots are not as visible to eye when all glued. So this might save up some time. To my opinion it comes down how detailed you want your work to be. Have not painted those models myself just a general note :)