27 Jun 2012

Pegasus Project - first pieces (almost) ready

Here are first two pieces I painted:
Please bare in mind that these are huge close-ups, so everything looks way more rough than in real.

Viking's knife (24mm long).
At the moment I think it's ready, but that's the first time I'm painting a mini in pieces, so I may need to touch up it a bit when the whole mini will be glued together.
Photo was taken right after painting, so the slight glossiness may be just because the paint is not dry yet, but if not, I'll just use a bit of mat varnish to get rid of it

Inside of the viking's shield (40mm)
I painted just the wooden elements, and because I'm not sure how much of it will be visible I couldn't finish it properly. Later on I'll add more shadows where it will be shaded by the body  and maybe a bit more light to the parts that stick out from behind the model.



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