25 Jun 2012

Pegasus Project - Assembly

I did some more work on those two fellas. Well, mostly making sure that the parts will fit in nicely, because it looks like most of them will need be glued in the process. Only the small pieces of the viking could be attached at the moment.
Anyway, I think I should be able to prime them today, and maybe even do some painting.

But of course I simply couldn't avoid a mistake with assembly of the viking.
As far as I can see I should glue together his head/shoulders and the rest of the cloak, instead of gluing it together with the rest of the body. At the moment, with his head attached to the body it's rather impossible to glue the rest of the cloak together and then attach to the body, so I'll have to do that in pieces. The only hope is that the joining points will stay hidden behind the shield.



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