4 Dec 2012

Urmuth - quick photo

Not much to say. Still an early stage, still looking kinda messy. I managed to fix the fur a bit, but as much as I can see I still need to crank up the contrast quite a lot.
The skin on the picture looks like he's indulging himself in carrot and carrot juice, I know. But I hope I can get rid of this tint and make him look closer to normal;]




  1. Looking good 'eM - if you get some pink into the highlights and some cooler colour into the shadows, I reckon it will tone down the towie look ;)

    Your cloth work is getting VERY good - lovely texture and colour choice

  2. Thanks a lot for the advice. I'll try this.
    For shadows I'm thinking olive-ish tones for now, but it might change in time.