Welling Model Club Show
Landsknecht XVIc: Gold - Class 7 Busts
Al Hippone: Gold - Class 12 Fantasy
Old Gnome: Gold - Class 12 Fantasy


Welling Model Club Show
Leon: Gold - Class 12 Fantasy
Da Rock: Gold - Class 12 Fantasy
Capt'n Sapo: Gold - Class 12 Fantasy
The Veteran: Gold - Class 7 Busts

Capt'n Sapo: Gold - Class 29 Painted Fantasy Bust
Leon: Bronze - Class 29 Painted Fantasy Bust
Old Gnome: Bronze - Class 29 Painted Fantasy Bust
Landsknecht XVIc.: Commended - Class 11 Painted Military Bust

Gravesham Military Modelling Society Open Day
Pirate bust: Silver - Class Busts
Old Gnome: Gold - Class Busts
Landsknecht XVIc.: Gold - Class Busts


Welling Model Club Show
Urmuth Scars of War: Gold - Class 12 Fantasy
The Grinder: Bronze - Class 7 Busts

Master Yoda: Finalist pin - Sf single

BMSS Nationals
Viking Chief: Gold - Class 2 Single miniature above 65mm
Urmuth Scars of War: Gold - Class 10 Non-militare
The Grinder: Silver - Class 10 Non-militare
Mujer Fauno:Silver - Class 10 Non-militare

Special Award funded by IMSS 'Best model of an Irish Military subject'  for Viking Chief

Hendon Model Show
Viking Chief: Runner Up - Class 3 Figures, any figures, any scale

Da Rock: Silver -  Painted Fantasy Bust
Urmuth Scars of War: Highly commended - Painted fantasy miniature
Mujer Fauno: Commended - Painted Fantasy Bust


WAMP Award 2012
Templar Knight: Nomination (finalist) - Best Painted Historical

Master of Imagination
Templar Knight: Silver - Large Model

BMSS Nationals
Menhom Dark Shadow: Silver - Fantasy
Anton the Infected: Bronze - Fantasy


Anton the Infected: Gold - Large Model

Little Alice: Gold - Fantasy
Eclipsante: Highly Commended - Fantasy

Eclipsante: Silver - Fantasy Monster

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