26 Dec 2012

A bit more skin

Another quick update.

Some more work on Umruth's and Viking's skin is done.
I also managed to paint metal parts on Urmuth. I was hoping that they're done, but I need to work a bit more on the contrast and some colour niuances, judging by the photos in a day light.




25 Dec 2012

Christmas means gifts;]

Gurka Le Rouge

Well, I must say it was absolutely love from the first sight. And I wasn't disappointed when I opened the box.
Bust is really nicely sculpted, the cast has few small flaws, but nothing major. I'm probably gonna do a proper review later, but for now I can show you first pictures;]

He's huge, isn't he??:>
I have no idea what's the scale here, but he's clearly bigger than the viking (1:20). He's 105mm from the bottom to the top of his hat (70mm to the top of his head).
I seriously can't wait to take him under my brush. But first I need to finish at least Urmuth and Viking:D And buy bigger brushes I'd say:D



20 Dec 2012

Urmuth - little update

A bit more work on the skin is done. Still not even close to being finished, but I'd say I can see a little light in the tunnel here. Muscles on the lower part of his torso are starting to shape up quite nicely, and the upper part and shoulders look almost ready.
Only the face is complete mess so far. And I'm not sure I have an idea what to do with it, so it may take a while before I'll paint it.

As you can see on the side shots the background is much darker than on the middle one. It's not an effect of me manipulating the photos, but literally accidental change of the usual background for blacker and more furry one.
As it turned out, Mila likes miniatures as much as Bombel. Or maybe she just loves the camera and being photographed... I'm not sure yet;]

I guess we'll find out what's her biggest passion soon enough;]



19 Dec 2012

Templar nominated;]

This is quite unexpected but nonetheless very pleasant news:
My Templar  is nominated for the WAMP Awards 2012, as one of 5 miniatures in Best Painted Historical.
Full list of nominations in all categories you can find on this shortlist, and if you feel like voting for any of the categories check Wamp Award Voting.

I doubt (judging by the competition in this category) it will go any further than this, but I'm happy anyway. And I do feel appreciated here, so thanks for anyone who decided that he's worth it:D
And good luck for everyone taking part in the competition.



9 Dec 2012

Iroquois - inbox

The mini:
 (c) Pegaso Models

Name: Iroquois, 1760
Manufacturer: Pegaso Models
Product code: 75-076
Category: Old West
Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Material: White metal
Scale: 1:24 (75mm)

The box:

In the box:

Quality of the cast:
No complains here. Some delicate mould lines but nothing too bad.

Looks to be pretty straightforward. As far as I can judge by the look of the parts there are no tricky moments. But of course if I'll find something while preparing a mini for painting I'll let you know.

Other Pegaso Models reviews:
Viking Chief
Templar Knight



8 Dec 2012

Putty and paint - new source of inspiration?

I'm probably the last person in the hobby world to discover this website, but never mind, important is that I finally found it. And I must say, so far it looks fantastic.

I'm not talking about layout (even though it's clean and nice), but the selection of works you can find there. A serious source of inspiration. And the artists you can find there are not only CMON's 'top ten' but some new faces (at least for me).
So if you have a while give it a go and check the their website putty&paint.

After quick browse through the members list I can say that the amount of historical and modelling projects gives me a huge hope to learn there a lot. So I look forward for new 'eye candy' projects.
But I must also say, that it would be nice to compete with them and find out where my painting is according to their standards.



4 Dec 2012

Urmuth - quick photo

Not much to say. Still an early stage, still looking kinda messy. I managed to fix the fur a bit, but as much as I can see I still need to crank up the contrast quite a lot.
The skin on the picture looks like he's indulging himself in carrot and carrot juice, I know. But I hope I can get rid of this tint and make him look closer to normal;]