19 Dec 2012

Templar nominated;]

This is quite unexpected but nonetheless very pleasant news:
My Templar  is nominated for the WAMP Awards 2012, as one of 5 miniatures in Best Painted Historical.
Full list of nominations in all categories you can find on this shortlist, and if you feel like voting for any of the categories check Wamp Award Voting.

I doubt (judging by the competition in this category) it will go any further than this, but I'm happy anyway. And I do feel appreciated here, so thanks for anyone who decided that he's worth it:D
And good luck for everyone taking part in the competition.




  1. Hehe... Unexpected? Well, I think they had a hard time choosing WHICH ONE of your masterpieces they should nominate ^^

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hehe, have you seen the competition in this category?? Next to them my piece look like a poor cousin or something that your cat dragged home;]
    But I don't despair, the nomination itself is good enough for me;]