Hall of Shame

That's the place where I'll be publishing all my forgotten minis.
Minis I started at some point and abbandoned them later for other projects.
I'm not entirely sure how many of  them do I have in my drawers, it can be quite a shock. But like I said earlier, maybe looking at them all in one place, all sad and unhappy, will motivate me to finish at least some of them.

I'm not really sure what will be the rules of the Hall of Shame. How long from starting the mini will I wait before posting it here. Should I establish some time frames, or maybe it all depends on the level of the abandonment? If I do something with the mini from time to time (paint it even a bit, I mean) or even think about that, it's not that bad? It's not time for HoS yet?
Is it enough that I filed a mini and then forgot about it, or should it be at least primed?
Well, we'll see, I guess clarification will come in time.
For now I need to face the truth and find all my HoS Canditates. It may be tricky thing to do, because I'm really good at hiding minis:D

HoS part 4:

16. Girl in the Hoodie
She simply got forgotten at some point. I need to get back to her soon, because it's a nice bust, and I'd hate to see her dusting in the drawer forever.

17. Yoda
One of the biggest dissapointments of this year (what the heck happened to his face?? where are the details?). Bigger is only the Black Spiderman, from the same company. I believe I'll seriously struggle to finish this one, but maybe he'll get lucky at some point.

18. Octopus
I keep losing it:( I adore the sculpt but can't get clear idea how I want to paint it. Might even end up striping the paint.
BTW how can I strip resin mini without destroying it?

19. Black Spiderman himself
Horrible, horrible mini;/ The assembly was such a major pain in the neck that I almost damped it to the bin. But I can't, I need to finish it... But everytime I look at this mini, the only thing I see is lack of half of the muscles visible on the box art (and the impressive musculature was the main reason I decided to paint that particular mini). 

20. Viking Chief - mini has been finished and photos can be seen here
I'd say, that this is the most surprising item in this batch. Not quite sure what happened here. I think after the whole fuss around Euro I lost the speed with this mini.

HoS part 3:

11. Monster bottle #2
This one is most definitely not an abbandoned mini. I just know I won't be able to paint it for a month or so, so I decided I should post it here anyway.

12. Myrianna of Aelfheim:
 I love the old school fantasy feel on this mini. She looks like an adventurer from 'Forgotten Realms'. But it didn't prevent her from ending up here anyway;p.

13. Astrid of the Stones:
 Another (with Myrianna and Svjanostroir) mini from Red Box Games. Beautiful piece, real shame that she's here;]

14. JMD Deamon:
Truly awesome piece.  I hope I'll find strength to glue it together, and restore texture of the skin soon.

15. Raggarth:
I'm placing this mini here even though I was working on it recently. But I lost my heart for him I guess.

HoS part 2:

6. The Marquis of Carabas - this mini was finished and  can be seen here 

This one looks almost ready, even took a part in a competition, where he lost his head at the very beggining (trust me, bluetax is not the best thing to fix such an injury;p).
But he still needs lots and lots of contrast on his clothing, and a bit of my heart to finish him.
I'm really happy about the base though.

7. Svjanostroir the Seeker
An Elf with the deficit of the vowels:)
Nice mini, but ended up here anyway. Tbh I don't even remember why, I guess I just bought something more interesting.

8. Familiar of darkness #2
Another tiny mini in my collection. I remember clearly putting this one on a side, because I couldn't decide what to do for a base. And I still don't know:D

9. Godzi
Something horrible happened to this little fella. It looks like his tail ended up in a pot with black paint. I tried to remove it, but I might be forced to strip it completely. It might be tricky, because I have no idea what can I use to remove paint from resin.

10. One of the fianna girls
I guess I just find something else to paint. Something new and shiny:)

HoS part 1:
In absolutely random order, and with mostly embarassing pictures.

1. Irix and her base:
Amost immortal mini in my WIP collection. I started her more than a year ago for Salute 2011 (closer to 18 months I guess) and I'm slowly losing the hope to finish her for Salute 2012:(

 Recently I did some minor changes in her  base, added fungus and colour variations in the foliage, but the mini itself is untouched for ages.

2. Akanke

I don't even remember why did I abandon her. Really nice mini to paint, was progressing quite well. I was even thinking about adding something to the base few months back...

3. Black Orc Big Boss

I remember being so excited about this one. Eager to try new way of painting metallics, and full of ideas about the shield:P I was so sure, that I'll be able to paint this mini fast and nice. But then the GW-repulsion striked back and the mini ended up in one of my drawers.
And where the hell is the photo of his head???:> I know where the head is (or at least should be) but there was a photo somewhere.

4. Ork Warboss with Attack Squig

I guess I should know by now: GW and I it's not the best match... But God knows why, I keep trying... (and it's not the last GW mini in this place)

5. Isabella

In this case I think I'm just affraid to paint her. But regardless the reasons, she belongs here.

And that's all for now. It's most definitelly not the end of my HoS, but I can't post all at the same time. I wouldn't survive that I'm affraid:P

But if you're intersted what else did I start and never finish, stay tuned, next episodes soon:D


  1. A great idea for a new section! I might be tempted to do something similar with my blog.

  2. Hello I was reading the above and on Octopus you were wondering about stripping it. There are a couple of ways you can try:

    Lots of people swear by 'Brake Fluid' however this stuff is nasty and will just about rot anything and everything else.

    "Fairy Power" spray, I have used this with some success, basically get an old tub of some sort lie the figure in the bottom cover it with the spray and leave for about 20-30 minutes, get an old tooth brush and some warm running water and the paint will come off fairly easily. Rinse and repeat depending on how well the paint is on. Oh it does have a strong oder, not nasty just strong so I would use in a well ventilated room.

    One last thing is "Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner" which I believe people will leave a figure submerge, again for about 20-30 minutes, then clean off with tooth brush and water but having used this stuff to clean an oven with, it stinks and is not pleasant.

    So couple of things to try, I have also used Demestos Floor Cleaner, left a figure overnight, that works ok as well.

    have fun.

  3. Thanks:D I should have some oven cleaner at home, will give it a try soon.


  4. If resin you are trying to strip, Oven cleaner can cause pitting....(learned from experience)

    I use antiseptic (like Dettol) and soak over night in a closed container...

    Rubbing alcohol (from the pharmacy or health aisle in the supermarket)can work for spot stripping...

    Hope this helps


  5. Dettol works remarkably well on acrylics. Used it recently to strip several layers of paint and Klear from a 1/72 aircraft. Stripped back to bare plastic in an hour. Only problem is that your mini will stink for days afterwards, not so much of a problem if you don't mind the smell of dettol I s'pose.



    p.s. I've been following your "Einstein" WIP on PlanetFigure. Awesome work :)

  6. Thx again guys:D Every bit of information helps.
    I have no idea how Dettol smells, but as long it's fumes are not harmfull, I don't mind.

  7. Marta,
    Some of your boo-boo's look better than my finest. Hehe.
    Keep up the good work! Your work inspires me.

  8. For the base for Akanke you used some bottles and vases. Where did you get those or how did you make them?

    1. It's just scratchbuild. Done ages ago, so I'm not sure how I did them;p
      With the green one I guess it was a ball of green stuff with stuff added after it cured. the white one, I can't remember, but knowing me it was something weird and unnecessarily complicated ;]