23 Jan 2012

VCofCME & Emperors Champion

My exchange mini painted for Superhessianv reached finally it's destination, so I can post some pictures of the finished mini  and WIP.

As you can see painting 'black' armor wasn't easy and smooth process;p But I guess I learned something from that lesson (i.e. I know how to paint  gray armor now;p)
Mostly because I had no idea where I am heading  with the armor, at the beginning I painted it with Field Blue from Vallejo Model Color,  and had to fight all the time to hide this background colour under more brownish hues. But I guess I can treat a layer of Field Blue as an underpainting, that gives final colours something extra.

For a base I decided to use one of the Scibor's basing kits, few bits of cork, sandy paste and grounded sponge. It's rather simple, so I hope it doesn't drag viewer's eye from the mini.

I placed it all on the top of screw top lid from one of old GW paint. Now I think I could paint it as well, but the mini is out of my hands now, so it's too late.

If you'd like to see other minis painted for this exchange, here is VCofCME gallery.



3 Jan 2012

Scarification take 2 and misterious WIP

Unfortunately I destroyed the first one while cleaning the bust for priming, so I had to do new one.
I guess the second try looks better:P

 And here, my misterious project;p
Probably everyone knows the model by now, but shhhh, it's a secret:D

2 Jan 2012

And for the New Year - some inspirational stuff

As the name of the website says it's all about creatures, monsters and concept arts made by artist serious about creature creation.
I found it few months back, and must say, although sometimes it's quite disturbing, I still  think most of the stuff you can find there is very inspiring. Especially when it comes to various painting schemes and ideas.

 (c) Chun Lo

And ofcourse you can find there artist more or less related to our hobby:

Romain Van Den Bogaert
Christopher Burdett
and probably few more.

And by the way, when you're there, check this guy out, he's so freaking awesome.... Alex Cf. Personally my favourite artist there, amazing works (even though rather disturbing and I wouldn't check his blog just before going to bed:P)
(c) Alex CF, alexcf.com