21 Dec 2011

The Grinder - WIP

It took me a while, but I finally managed to take photos of the Grinder after changes I decided to make.

First of all, I made his 'muzzle' whole again. In my opinion this way he looks even more dangerous and wild.
I didn't want to paint any tatoos, but still flat surfaces of his arm and chest are begging for some 'attractions' so I decided to try scars and scarifications.
Mainly because even beeing big fan of tattoos and piercing, I find all forms of scarifications extremely hmmm... well, sick. Don't ask me why, I simply think that cutting out parts of your skin to create various patterns is simply wrong. So I guess it suits my wicked warrior - The Grinder:)

I'm going to paint him kinda like an aztec/mayan warrior, that's why I went for sun like scarification on his shoulder. And maybe I'll ad something more on his neck. For a while I was playing with various shapes around his right nipple, but I couldn't find anything that doesn't look cheesy.
On the left side of his chest, partly hidden under strap and knife, is normal scar after a fight with some wild animal.

I was considering some scars/scarifications on his head, but I guess all the leather straps will be enough to make this part of the mini interesting. Especially with this feather like thingy that goes on the top of his ponytail.



1 Dec 2011