26 Feb 2013

Port Royal - Inbox

While I'm working mostly on my 'secret piece' I can't show you any photos of the progress. So, in the meantime, I decided to do a review.
Yet another Andrea Miniatures lovely model, another of my favourites subjects: the Pirate

The mini:

Name: Port Royal, 1660
Manufacturer: Andrea Miniatures
Product code:PC-06
Category: Pirates of the Caribbean
Material: White metal and resin
Scale: 1:32 (54mm)

The box:

In the box: 

As you can see, parts are secured very well with two layers of thick cartboard and thick sponge, so there is no chance that anything can move inside during transport.

Quality of the cast:
On the first glance, the cast seems to be very nice. There are some delicate mold lines and imperfections, but it is rather complex model, so I can understand and accept that. At this point I can say, nothing is damaged, and the metal surface is rather smooth.The resin parts are more rugged, but because it's only wall and ground, I can guess the extra texture was intentional.
Of course all the thin parts (blade especially) are rather thin and bend easily, so we need to be careful with them.

Well... The mini is rather complex... So I can expect some small obstacles and difficulties with the assembly, but at this point it's just my guess. 
But the very most important thing for me will be of course the order in which I'm gonna assembly the piece. So far I was experimenting with with that on different miniatures, and must admit the trial and error approach got me nowhere. I'm not sure if there is one right answer to that problem, but I'll do my best to find the ways best for me and the particular minis.

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