28 Jun 2012

The Grinder - forgoten photos

I just realized that I totally forgot about posting these photos here.
You may know them from CofC or PB forums, but I guess they should be also shown on my personal blog, don't you think??:).

They were taken good few weeks ago but tbh they show how Mr Grinder looks at the moment (I guess I should finish him at some point).
I was working mostly with the leathers here, and I can say they're almost finished. I may need to change it a bit when the skin is ready, but rather not too much, because I'm happy how they turned out.
Paints used for the leathers are mostly oils (on the acrylic base ofc) but I guess I could use some acrylics to do the damaged parts.
Maybe at some point I'll do a short tutorial to show you the way I paint leathers.

And here are few close-ups:



27 Jun 2012

Pegasus Project - first pieces (almost) ready

Here are first two pieces I painted:
Please bare in mind that these are huge close-ups, so everything looks way more rough than in real.

Viking's knife (24mm long).
At the moment I think it's ready, but that's the first time I'm painting a mini in pieces, so I may need to touch up it a bit when the whole mini will be glued together.
Photo was taken right after painting, so the slight glossiness may be just because the paint is not dry yet, but if not, I'll just use a bit of mat varnish to get rid of it

Inside of the viking's shield (40mm)
I painted just the wooden elements, and because I'm not sure how much of it will be visible I couldn't finish it properly. Later on I'll add more shadows where it will be shaded by the body  and maybe a bit more light to the parts that stick out from behind the model.



25 Jun 2012

Pegasus Project - Assembly

I did some more work on those two fellas. Well, mostly making sure that the parts will fit in nicely, because it looks like most of them will need be glued in the process. Only the small pieces of the viking could be attached at the moment.
Anyway, I think I should be able to prime them today, and maybe even do some painting.

But of course I simply couldn't avoid a mistake with assembly of the viking.
As far as I can see I should glue together his head/shoulders and the rest of the cloak, instead of gluing it together with the rest of the body. At the moment, with his head attached to the body it's rather impossible to glue the rest of the cloak together and then attach to the body, so I'll have to do that in pieces. The only hope is that the joining points will stay hidden behind the shield.



23 Jun 2012

Bombel the Inspector and new desk setup

For ages I was complaining that my desk is not big enough for all my painting related stuff. That I have to stash it in various boxes and crates, and then nothing is at hand when needed.
But unfortunately we live in rather small flat, without too much hope for a change at the moment, so there is no space for another desk just for a painting station.
Finally I decided to buy at least a shelf to keep some stuff closer. And that's the result (of course some rearrangements on the shelfs will happen in the process):

As you can see Bombel the Inspector is rather pleased  with the new arrangements and claims the bottom shelf for himself. I must say, I was hoping that he can squeeze his furry ass in half of the shelf, maybe even 1/3... but it was vain hope as as presented above.



18 Jun 2012

Girl in a Hoodie and 2nd London Meet-up

Yesterday PB painters finally managed to meet again in London (big thanks for the folks from Dark Sphere, who let us crash at their place).
Very nice afternoon and some great talks about techniques, colours and all the little tricks that make painter's life easier.

During the meeting I was trying to push my Girl in a Hoodie a bit further. A tiny bit:P
I was working on the jacket, and focusing on the shoulders and front. Back and the hoodie look rather raw at the moment, but I'm gonna fix that later on.



16 Jun 2012

Pegasus Project - first update

I managed to glue bodies together. There are still many parts missing but miniatures look almost like they should;]

Now there is a time to make sure that all fabrics and other parts fits, and do the pins. Not my favourite part of the preparation I must confess.



Pegasus Project

Yesterday my second Pegaso mini arrived, so of course I had to start preparing it.
And because I didn't want my Teutonic Knight to feel lonely on the table I decided that Viking Chief will keep him company. You know, Pegaso fellas should keep together:P

I thought I could call it Pegasus Project (not very original, I know).

Here are the minis I'm working on:

Viking Chief:
(c) Pegaso Models,
sculptor: Andrea Jula,
painter: Diego Ruina

And Templar Knight from XII century:
(c) Pegaso Models,
sculptor: Andrea Jula,
painter: Danilo Cartacci

And that's what I could achieve so far...
Impressive pile of metal, isn't it?

And few more close-ups (shields mostly):

At this point I have no idea how to deal with it further. Should I glue everything I can together and paint? Or maybe paint in parts and glue it later?
Never faced such complicated minis like these.
Anyone has any ideas, or maybe painted one of them already?



10 Jun 2012

Monster Bottle from Maow Miniatures

I'm really happy to say I managed to finish another mini.
Monster bottle from Maow Miniatures.


I know there are few weaker spots, but I must say I'm happy how it turned out. Especially eyes and teeth.
I hope you'll  like it as well.