24 Jul 2013

Great weekend indeed - FigureWorld 2013, Oundle

It was trully great weekend. Just the right combination of chatting with friends, and strangers, admiring beautifuly painted miniatures and spending hard earned money on new goodies.
I wish events like this could happen more often than just once a year, especially in such a beautiful little town like Oundle. But, considering the amount of work that is required to organize, I guess it's not gonna be possible...
So all that is left to do now is... say massive thanks to all those who dedicated their time and efforts to make it possible.

Of course as I predicted, I didn't manage to take any decent photos, but here you can find some photo galleries prepared by other participants
FigureWorld's gallery
Model Display Product's gallery
Ross Mahoney's gallery


20 Jul 2013

Off we go:)

FigureWorld beware! Here I come:)

At the moment I'm in a train on my way to Oundle. I must say I'm pretty excited and can't wait to meet with friends, make some new one, and see all those miniature goodness. It's gonna be excellent weekend.

I'm planning on taking lots of photos to docut all, but... knowing me, it might proof difficult.

Anyway, I can only hope next two days will be even better than I expect.



16 Jul 2013

Figure Painter Magazine and Me

Figure Painter Magazine issue no 3 is out now. And  you can find my two articles inside.
I started the collaboration with the magazine with the previous issue, where I did a review on Andrea's lovely piece Norse Lord. This time I went a step further and next to another review (Spellcrow's Plague Prince) I managed to prepare a step by step article on my way of painting true metallic metals.

And because it looks like it may turn out to be a long-term thing,  I thought I may share it with you:)
I hope you'll like it:D


13 Jul 2013

Medieval bust - what I've done so far.

Of course I coulnd't keep my hands of this beautiful medieval knight...
And here you can see the results so far, in few stages.

First you can see how I handled the hauberk.

I must say I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I might tweak it a bit later on when the rest of the bust is painted, maybe some rust here and there, but for now it's ready.
When the metal parts were ready, I moved to leathers, leaving the toughest for me part, skin, at the end. But then I remembered that I decided I want some scars on his face.
So he has scars now.To create them I used liquid Green Stuff from GW.  And while working on them I tried to fix the hole next to his left eye.
To show you how the scars are looking without the distraction of gren colour, there is one photo in b/w at the end.

To be honest with you I wasn't really sure if I like the scars at this stage. The green was way to distracting. But after painting first layers of skin colour, it all came together very nicelly.
Of course the skin is not even close being ready, but you can see how nicelly the scars are blending in. And thanks to the one going through his eye, I can paint it with a cataract, to make him look even more like an old battered warrior.
Eyes look weird at the moment I know, but I need to repaint them.

1 Jul 2013

JMD Drummer - review through the courtesy of megazord_man

Hi guys,
today I have something special for you.
Well it's still a JMD review, but the special part is that it was done by one of my friends, John, aka Megazord_man. Great guy and even better painter.
So here it is:

English Drummer 57th Middlesex Regt. One of the more famous JMD busts.

The mini: 
painted by: David Zabrocki

Name: English Drummer 57th Middlesex Regt
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: RT003R
Sculptor: Remy Tremblay
Range: Historical
Material: resin
Scale: 1:9

The bag:

Having brought this directly from JMD alongside a number of their other miniatures I can say that the packaging consisted of each mini double bagged, all surrounded by bubble wrap and securely contained within a cardboard box. It was also sent international recorded / tracked so I could see where it was in the world. I will say that shipping was expensive though and unfortunately this is the only option. This and all the minis arrived without breakages.

In the bag: 

Quality of the cast:
In a word super! Yes there's a slight line running up either shoulder but it's virtually not there and would take minutes to clean. However, there's no bubbles on him at all (a slight one underneath) and it's extremely crisp and flash free. I was hoping for a great mini and they certainly didn't disappoint. There's a great deal of detail to his face that's not obvious on a first glance - a slight scab on his left cheek for example.

It looks like the strap going over his left shoulder will need a slight trim to allow his rucksack to be fitted properly but once again it's a quick and easy job.

I'm extremely happy with this iconic bust that's fully of character if slightly disturbing. The quality is lovely to make this package well worth the buy. David Zebrocki's paint job of this mini must really be seen too, it's a true master piece that shows how to add character to a mini.

Words and photos: Jon Keyes

Where to buy:
JMD miniatures

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