8 Dec 2012

Putty and paint - new source of inspiration?

I'm probably the last person in the hobby world to discover this website, but never mind, important is that I finally found it. And I must say, so far it looks fantastic.

I'm not talking about layout (even though it's clean and nice), but the selection of works you can find there. A serious source of inspiration. And the artists you can find there are not only CMON's 'top ten' but some new faces (at least for me).
So if you have a while give it a go and check the their website putty&paint.

After quick browse through the members list I can say that the amount of historical and modelling projects gives me a huge hope to learn there a lot. So I look forward for new 'eye candy' projects.
But I must also say, that it would be nice to compete with them and find out where my painting is according to their standards.



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