20 Dec 2012

Urmuth - little update

A bit more work on the skin is done. Still not even close to being finished, but I'd say I can see a little light in the tunnel here. Muscles on the lower part of his torso are starting to shape up quite nicely, and the upper part and shoulders look almost ready.
Only the face is complete mess so far. And I'm not sure I have an idea what to do with it, so it may take a while before I'll paint it.

As you can see on the side shots the background is much darker than on the middle one. It's not an effect of me manipulating the photos, but literally accidental change of the usual background for blacker and more furry one.
As it turned out, Mila likes miniatures as much as Bombel. Or maybe she just loves the camera and being photographed... I'm not sure yet;]

I guess we'll find out what's her biggest passion soon enough;]



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