30 Nov 2012

Urmuth - WIP

As a part of the plan of reducing number of projects I'm working on simulatneously (and stop HoS from growing) I started another mini: Urmuth Scars of War from Andrea Miniatures:)

Still an early stage. I was working mostly on fur, leather skirt and shoes. The brighter parts of the fur are not even close to the final contast and brightness, but the colour of the skirt is close enough to what I was going for.
The skin and other elements are just basecoated.

So far it's a nice mniature to paint. Good cast and fine details (for more informations check Inbox I did few weeks ago) makes it a real pleasure, and almost every element gives the painter a chance to show the skills.
I do enjoy painting it to such an extent, that I might even finish it;p




  1. Looking forward for next steps... Tell me, please, do you paint assembled miniature, or is it in one piece just because of taking photos?

  2. Yes, the miniature is assembled. Not the very best idea, but after Templar's fiasco I was affraid, I won't glue it properly later. And now painting some elements is a huge pain in the neck.