26 Nov 2012

Masters of Imagination 2012 results

Just a quick announcement:
My Templar Knight placed second (category 'Large model'), in the painting competition 'Masters of Imagination' which took place on 24th of November 2012 in Lublin, Poland.

Full list of winners can be seen here (for now in polish)

Beneath you can find a photo, as a proof that it really happened;p
The picture itself isn't very good (you know winters in Poland, lack of proper natural lighting is a pain, especially if you don't have a tripod with you:)), but should suffice as proof;]

I must say that I'm really happy with the result. Especially after all what happened to this miniature few weeks ago. Tomorrow I'll try to post photos I took 3 days before the competition, so you can judge by yourself how extremely brave and sesoned warrior Mr Templar is.




  1. Będziesz publikować jakąś relację z MOI?

  2. Nie bałdzo mam foty do relaci, bo jednak bez szkiel ostrosc lapie na mocno przypadkowych elementach. Ale costam postaram sie zebrac i pokazac:)

  3. Gratulacje! I ja również czekam na zdjęcia.