27 Nov 2012

Pegasus Project - 'landscape after the battle'...

...and 3 days before the painting competition 'Masters of Imagination'...

There is really not much to say.
Mr Templar simply hates to fly, and as a form of protest he decided to break his sword, fall apart completely and lose some paint on top of that.

Because of the problems I had with the cloak and base (described few posts ago) I had no proper pins fixing him to the base. I'm guessing that's the main reason of the disaster. Normaly this kind of accident wouldn't be such a big deal, but away from my workbench, with only few basic paints, and without any pigments and special effects products it was quite a challenge to put him back together and prepare for a competition. And I'm really happy that I didn't give up, because he did very well, and now looks really nice in my Mum's cabinet (and the fact that sword is slightly bend is barely visible).

But I must say, I do hope that's the last accident of this sort that involve my miniatures.  I most definitely need to be more careful in the future.



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