29 Nov 2012

Master of Imagination 'non-report'

I must admit, I'm not the best reporter and event photographer in the world:( I'm simply too busy experiencing the event, socialising with people and shopping/restraining myself from shopping, to take too many photos or to be to diligent when it comes to the quality of those I managed to take.
So... I don't really know what to say about the event itself, except I did enjoy myself  there;]
Thank you guys so much for your hard work preparing this competition. Good work!

It was really nice to meet all the fellow painters and chat about miniatures for a while. Pity that this occasions are so rare for me.

But at least there are some pictures (not necessarily mine)
Here you can find official photos of the winning miniatures, and all entered pieces:
MoI - The winners
MoI - Gallery

And here is all I managed to take in good enough quality (at least part of the mini is in focus;p)
MoI - my pics

I know, I need to practice more photography on location and with horrible lighting. But I hope you can see at least something here.
But on the other hand, while taking photos like that I'm not thinking about artistic quality, or composition. I just need miniature to be sharp and big enough so I can learn sometning by looking at uncompressed file. And most of the photos here meets my expectations;]




  1. Very interesting to see these photos and read report about Master of Imagination.
    Will it be at next year?

  2. Hey Marta! Thank's so much!

    Consider yourself shared! Please subscribe to Marta, doods! She's a real girl! :D

  3. Ringil: yes, they should continue next year. I'm not sure though if it's still gonna be in autumn and in Lublin. People runnning the show were thinking about moving it to late spring, to unload the end of the year (we have 3 comps in more or less 4 months in Poland)

    Zaphod: Thx a lot:D