9 Feb 2012

New arrival, and Bombel the Inspector:D

My latest purchase arrived today:D

First historical piece, new company in the collection.
Awesome BadA$$ Viking Chief from Pegaso Models.  Scale 1:20, so he's quite big, impressive, and expensive:(.

Ahh look at him! So bold and beautiful;p
Staring somewhere at the horizon. His whole posture screaming: I got the power!! (and I won't hesitate to use it, but I guess just my gaze should make your knees tremble!)

(c) Pegaso Models,
sculptor: Andrea Jula,
painter: Diego Ruina

And of course my Not So Little Green Eyed Monster (not that he's jelaous or something... he just has green eyes... and is a true monster most of the time) had to check everything first.

And final conclusion??

Hmmm lemme think...

Nah! I prefer minis with boobs:P

Can you blame him??:>



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