25 Feb 2012

More Maow in progress and other WIPs

Before I'll post photo of finished Walter (he's ready for a while now, but I forgot to post pic here) I want to show you something else from Maow miniatures: early WIP of one of the Monster bottles, the one with lots of eyes... and even more teeth:

As you can see this is indeed very early WIP. Nothing is even close to be finished. I just marked more or less lights and shadows on the 'skin', and did a bit more work on teeth an tongue. Because I can't make my mind how to paint eyes: more like humans or maybe animal with pointy pupils? I just left them with unfinished basecoat.

The other mini I'm currently trying to work on is Sphere Wars Raggarth.

Huge pain in the neck if I may be honest... Not very great cast (and that's an euphemism, trust me), horrible in assembly, and, because I couldn't see a possibility to glue it together after painting, quite tricky to paint.
At this point, I managed to do some preshading here, but it's not working very well on this model, so I decided to start with colours today.
I'm going with the Sphere Wars idea of this creature, and I'll paint it in a blue-ish colour, a bit more turqouise maybe, and of course true metallics.
If he'll be lucky, and I won't lose rest of the patience I got for him, tomorrow some more pictures should be ready to post:)



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