10 Feb 2012

Let's splash some water:)

I managed to finish yet another mini!!

Well... almost finish...
I forgot about water splashes around his foot. He's running after all, and even if the water is very shallow, it shouldn't be so still.

I decided to use method presented by Scalerama in one of their online tutorials (you can find it here and here, or here, if you're interested) to create some 'fuss' in the water.

The method itself is quite simple. You just use clear plastic as a shape for a wave and build weter effect on it to create splash of water, or very dynamic and high wave. Of course building a nice thick and varied splash will take few layers of water effect, some work and patience (in case of such a small mini it can be also a bit tricky) but I think it's worth it.

And what do you think?


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