26 Feb 2012

Monster Bottles - review

I just bought yet another Maow minis.
Monster bottles this time.

(c) Maow Miniatures

Again bottles came to me in zip bags. But, like Matou from Maow Miniatures, said in a comment about my Hell Baby review, it's a deliberate decision to keep prices low.



I'm not even sure if the word miniature is the right one to use. Monster bottles are the size of an oryginal Vallejo's bottle (or Rackham's), and that makes their 'faces' seriously huge.
Here are photos for comparison: one with my other Maow stuff, and the second one with real paint pot.

Impressive, isn't it?

Quality of the cast:
The pictures are mostly self-explanatory:)

Again very funny and original minis and quite good casts. In fact the only parts that need serious work are under caps, so when you're planning on painting your bottles with caps on, you don't even have to worry about that part at all. At the back of the bottles you can find a knife trace after removing a mould line, well at least I can find it;p But fixing it is not a big problem.
No airbubbles though:D After cleaning and preparing both bottles, I must say, I didn't find not even one.


As you can see on the picture above, both bottles are completely different in style when it comes to sculpting. First one full of sharp edges and rather busy, the other one, with tentacles, is more soft, with nice smooth surfaces for freehands.

Ah I forgot... You probably noticed that bottles are not standing straight:) It's because both of them have a huge chunk of resin underneath. It's probably cast vent or something like that (I was never very familiar with casting process to be honest). I guess I could remove it before taking pictures, but I prefer to present mini excactly as I get it:)

Both bottles are awesome when it comes to the concept and a huge fun to paint:) I bet they are not the last ones in my collection:)



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