1 Sep 2011

New arrivals

Today I received  my first mr. hobby paints. And they are no ordinary mr. colour, but mr. colour super metallics;]
I really hope they'll be worth the price and effort to get them in my hands.
As you can see the bottles are around the size of P3, so more or less 18ml. And they look fantastic. Metal pigment is really tiny, so they should give smooth surface and cause no problem when used with aerograph. The only drawback is that they need special solvent to dilute them: mr. colour leveling thinner and that can be slightly inconvenient while painting with acrylic paints.
And well... there is the smell... not entirely unpleasant, but quite intense.

Anyhoo, can't wait till I'll be able to use them. It makes me almost eager to prep 5 of my raptors (old GW metal and not really great casts).


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