3 Sep 2011

Is it still multitasking, or maybe a madness already?;p

Lately, I've been wondering how many started projects do I have stashed in my drawers at the moment. And I found out that a lot;p I'm not gonna give you any exact number, but it's two digits.
And this is worrying me seriously, because that's the reason I have so little finished minis. I simply start a mini and never finish it, just because there is something new and exciting.
So now it's time to deal with it, and make my, not so little 'Hall of Shame' at least a bit smaller.

That's what I'm gonna do. I'll be showing you 2 or 3 projects at one time, and maybe that will actually motivate me to finish them.

1. Irix (the ultimate edition) by Rackham.
She's seriously beautiful, and full of grace and majesty.
I decided to do her on a swampy base (partly to match Eclipsante), and at the moment only the base is more or less finished:
Later, when the mini will be ready, I'll ad some creepers/lianes to create more swampy/jungle feel.
Here is the picture of bigger part of Irix on the base to give you an idea how it all gonna look.

2. Akanke by Hasslefree.
This time mini is way more advanced than the base. Still a lot of work needs to be done.
I might even add something to the back of the base, a litlle suprise hidden under the stairs.

3. Lord Marquis of Carabas made by Smart Max.
This one needs to be ready really fast, but situation is rather complicated. Base was almost done, but now I think I need to change it quite seriously (partly as a result of a critique on CofC forum, partly for a technical reasons). And the mini itself... heh, tbh it was a pain to prepare it... The first impression was quite good, but later the amount of litte flaws and issues sucked all enthusiasm and joy of painting. But on the other hand, resin is not my favourite material.

At this point I have no pictures of a mini, but here are some details of a base:

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