3 Sep 2011


It's not gonna be proper step-by-step tutorial how I made my mushrooms like here, simply because I don't have enough photos for every stage. But I'll try to explain and show you all I can, to describe the whole proces. Which by the way is quite simple.

Here are few reference photos I was using to get an idea how I want my mushrooms look like.

All we gonna need is a bit of gs (mixed with miliput if you like), wire, a needle and a primer that gives nasty big drops of paint if you like the rugged surface I got.

First the cap:
Take a small amount of gs and form more or less ball, then start to flatten it in a disc, leaving thicker in the middle, and bending sides downwards to create the shape you like. At this point there is no need to worry about fingerprints, we're gonna cover it all with a thick layer of primer later.
The bottom line of the cap doesn't need to be perfect too, a lot of mushrooms, especially older ones, are irregular.
Depending on the size of a cap you want,  you can form it on your finger, end of a brush, pen, or something bigger but with round end.

Here is a picture of ready caps:

 They are already covered with primer, but I couldn't find any without it in my 'treasure chest'.
As you can see shapes are slightly irregular and differ a lot.

When caps are hard and ready for further work, you take a little of fresh putty and place it inside the cap to create gills. Smooth the putty to cling nicely to the sides of the cap and while it's still fresh make a hole in a middle for a stalk and them with a needle create some gills. Once again, it doesn't need to be perfect.

Stalks are really simple - it's just a roll of putty with a wire inside to keep the shape.
 I left top of the wire clear to fit it in the hole I made in a cap.

The next step is primer.
If you prefer to keep your mushrooms smooth, just make sure you're not leaving any fingerprints while sculpting and you're ready to paint.
If not, just apply a thick layer of a really bad primer with big paint drops, and your mushroom is ready:)

And that's basically all.
I hope you find this little tutorial helpful, and if you have any questions - feel free to ask.


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  1. A ja ci po polsku napiszę, chociaż blog anglojęzyczny ;P
    Fajny tutorial :)
    Powodzenia w blogowaniu :)